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With 40 years of experience in manufacturing, “Racer” is one of the leading lighting manufacturers in Thailand. In the beginning the company was recognized as an OEM manufacturer of lighting equipment by leading companies, both local and international. The company expanded and increased production capacity to produce more than 1 million high quality ballast units per month.

Today, “Racer” is the leading manufacturer in innovative lighting equipment and intelligent voice-activated technology, which creates convenience to meet the needs of modern consumers. “Racer” also continuously researches and develops intelligent voice-activated technology in other products, this is a response to changing consumer behavior in recent years.

In addition to lighting products and intelligent voice-activated technology, "Racer" has also produced a Consumer Unit or ready-to-use circuit breaker cabinet which is an electrical safety device. There are a “Premium Set”, consisting of the circuit breaker with RCCB, also a “Complete Set” consisting of the circuit breaker, and a “Hybrid set” which has a sleek modern design to suit the design of new modern homes. These are manufactured with high grade technologies, and meet the requirements of home safety under the concept of "Fast cut, safe and worry-free".

In addition to various lighting and safety products, “Racer” also manufactures light poles, which comply with the TIS requirements (Thai Industrial Standard) and guidelines for the installation of lamps and solar lamps. Installation locations include important places such as highways, intersections, expressways, factories, airports, stadiums, etc.

All product groups produced under the “Racer” brand are manufactured with modern production technologies, and monitored and controlled by professional production teams, in accordance with the Thai Industrial Standards (TIS). “Racer” also has a strong focus on production safety, efficient organizational management systems, human resource development, organizational planning training, management training, and leadership training in an attempt to become the leading manufacturer in the industry.

Lighting is not just about illumination and functionality; it includes aesthetics in design and decoration to suit our lifestyles. “Racer Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” is driven to develop products to meet all consumer behaviors, from the household sectors to local and international industrial sectors. “Racer” is also committed to producing sustainable products and reducing the environmental impact. “Racer Light Up the Future”



Become a leader in innovative lighting and safety products.


- Develop and create products in response to digital disruption.

- Increase efficiency and expand the distribution channels to meets consumers’ needs.

- Optimize the Logistic system using the Artificial Intelligence System.

- Keep researching and developing the intelligent voice-activated technology to further product development in response to consumers’ needs.

- Create consumers’ awareness with interactive digital marketing communication.


“Racer Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” trains all staff to be aware of the environmental impact from work activities along with acknowledging their responsibility relating to environmental conservation. The company insists staff comply with laws, standards, and company regulations that are related to environmental issues. This helps to prevent negative effects on the environment such as noise, air and water pollution and responsible sewage disposal, creating minimal impact on the environment

The company has been continuously improving environmental management systems and attempts to prevent causes of pollution by reducing energy and resource consumption. The wastes from work activities are eliminated before releasing back into environment, and the company also finds methods to reuse wastes with maximum benefits.


"Create quality products, provide impressive after-sales service, focus on customer satisfaction, develop and improve continuously are the responsibilities of every employee”


1969/ 2512

- The company was established as a ballast manufacturer.

1995/ 2538

- Applied integrated advanced manufacturing technologies and developed automated assembly systems

1997-1998/ 2540-2541

- Expanded the business into international markets such as Cambodia and Vietnam.


- Certified with ISO 9001, Quality Management System.

2009/ 2552

- Started producing recess louver luminaire model.

2012/ 2555

- Started producing LED lights.

2013/ 2556

- Certified with ISO 14001, Environmental Management System.


- Certified with ISO 45001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

- Certified with Green Industry: Level 3 (Green System).

- Started producing steel cabinet and plastic cabinet.

2017/ 2560

- Certified with ISO 50001, Energy Management System.

- Producing wire way.

2018/ 2561

- Started producing and distributing PVC pipe and consumer unit.

2019/ 2562

- Started producing lighting poles in accordance with TIS standard.

- Developed and distributed innovative intelligent voice-activated lamps.


- Researched and developed Solar Cell LED Streetlight with Pole and was registered in the List of Thai Innovative Products.

- Became a leader of intelligent voice-activated lamps.



Manufacturer, importer and distributor of electrical and lighting products such as light bulb, light fixture, pipe, cabinet, cable, LED light pole, solar cell light pole and other related equipment as well as providing consultation of electrical and lighting solutions.

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