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Unique Selling Point :

1.Lightweight steel material, spray painted to prevent rust.

2.Cap material Hard ceramic, durable Long service life

3.Use with standard size GU5.3 lampholders.

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Feature :

1.an adjust the light distribution angle to cover the area used.

2.Convenient to use and easy to install.

3.Structure material is made of high quality steel, beautifully painted, rust-proof

Easy to use :

1.For use with 220-240 volt electrical systems, 50/60 Hz.

2.For indoor use and areas without water spray only.

3.For use with floating type.

Installation Giude :

1. Turn off switches or breakers before installing the luminaire.

2. Drill the ceiling position to be installed.

3.Firmly insert the bulb and downlight into the pole. And connect the power cord to the cable connector firmly

4. Turn on the power switch or breakers to use.

5. Turn on the power switch or breakers to use.

Attention :

1.Should read all warnings and learn how to use them before use.

2.Should be careful of electric shock or electric leakage if installed improperly.

Caution :

1.Always turn off power switches or breakers before installing the device.

2.Do not change the lamp while it is wet.

3.Do not modify or use with non-standard equipment.

4.Always check the compatible equipment to be in perfect condition.

5.It should be installed out of the reach of children and pets.

Specification :

Color: White

Material: Iron + Ceramic

Width (mm): 78

Height (mm.): 100

Depth (mm): 78

Weight (kg); 0.23

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