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Unique Selling Point :

1.Full brightness 1250lm

2.Service life is as long as 20,000 hrs.

3.Save 50% energy compared to the lamp. 29W fluorescent

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Feature :

1.The housing is made of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) plastic, which is heat resistant and will not break easily.

2.The cover is made of plastic stick type. Polycarbonate (PC) diffuses light to provide light across the working area. And prevent electric shock from touching

3.Made from Materials that conduct electricity well do not rust.

4.Convenient to use and easy to install in place of fluorescent lamps. E27 screw cap type

5.Using high quality SMD type LED beads.

6.The lamp cap is resistant to torsion very well. Do not come loose easily.

7.Tested for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and certified by TIS 1955-2551.

Easy to use :

1.For use with electrical system 220-240 volts 50/60 Hz.
2.For use with E27 lampholders
3.For indoor use and areas without water spray only.

Installation Giude :

1.Turn off switches or breakers before installation.
2. Remove the original lamp that needs to be replaced.
3.Install the LED bulb in to E27 screw lampholder.
4.Turn on the power switch or circuit breaker to use.

Attention :

1.Rotate the lamp firmly onto the E27 threaded lampholder.
2.Warning should be read. And study how to use it before use
3.Should be careful of electric shock or electric leakage if installed improperly.
4.Should choose to use the lamp that is suitable for the lamp type.

Caution :

1.Turn off the switch every time it is installed. Replace or deactivate the lamp.
2.Do not use in combination with a dimmer. Or reduce power
3.Do not use in areas subject to water spray and high humidity.

Specification :

1.Color: White
2.Material: Polycarbonate (PC) / Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
3.Width (mm): 60
4.Height (mm.): 106
5.Depth (mm): 60
6.Weight (kg); 0.038
7.Light: Warm white

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